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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 9: Seoul (Gwancheoldong)

I really love this area. We've been here a couple of times for dinner. The neon lights are bright, many restaurants to choose from and it's just a ten minutes walk from our place. It's similar to Myeongdong but not as crowded.

Neon lights

After having Korean food almost everyday, we would like to try something else. Japanese curry rice!

The display looks yummy.

Their history

The interior

First, choose your curry rice.

Second, we could ask whether to have less or more rice.

Standard size is 300 gr. Less 100 gr, the price is less 500 won, but if you ask for 100 gr more, it is 1,000 won more. Not fair!

Third, choose the spiciness of your curry.

He chose number 1 and mine was number 2.

Pork "shabu" curry rice

His curry spiciness was just right, he could "clean up" all his curry sauce hehehe...

Fried squid curry rice

Mine was great too but the curry was too spicy for me. If they could give more calamari then it would be perfect hehe... The rice was too much, so I gave some to him. If I come by myself I would ask for less rice.

It's hot!

Will definitely come again.


Anonymous said...

The curry dishes look really awful! yuk urgh...

Irene said...

Nooooo, it was so good. I had it a couple of times since then. You should try it if you could eat spicy food.