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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 27,28,30: Seoul (Places that you don't want to go)

I didn't have much luck for the last few days, kept going to the wrong places.

Sungshin's Women University shops
There's only one shopping street here, not like Ewha where there are many small alleys full of shops.

The only shopping street

My lunch at 3pm

Hi Brand Premium Outlet

It is located at the same building of E-Mart. There are many local and international brands here, but prices are quite high for factory outlets. No wonder it is so deserted.

My lunch back at Insadong, fried udon with chicken and teriyaki sauce

Itaewon Foreign Food Mart
A small mini mart in Itaewon specialized in imported goods. I could find Indonesian instant noodles Indomie, frozen durians (if you are desperate), South East Asian sauces, Western food stuffs and many Indian spices. The place is very messy and many items look quite old. Some people couldn't live without their local food, but I'm not one of them so I won't be coming back.

Rainbow fountain at Banpo bridge
After two failed attempts, finally we were here last Sunday to catch the Banpo bridge musical fountain.

Sunset at Hangang River Park

Under the bridge

Banpo bridge

Rainbow fountain

It was crappy, it must be a sign that I shouldn't come after two failed attempts.


MAXWELL said...

fantastic photos of Seoul during your stay!! i'm going there soon in September so i wonder if you've got any advice for your fellow Singaporean??

Irene said...

Thanks :) If possible,just go when the trees changing color. It is such a beautiful sight.

Bev said...

Hi ya.....

Hw do you get to the Rainbow Bridge?

Anonymous said...

Hi Irene,

Hope to be in Seoul 1 week of Oct 2012 with wife and been reading. You mean not worth seeing Banpo Bridge with much hype fountain?