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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 22: Seoul (A flea market, a stadium and a park)

From the guide book I read, the flea market is held opposite Hongik University gate on every Saturday.

Hongik University Gate

The flea market

I had been expecting to find many cute items here and I was not disappointed. This flea market was selling many handmade items and not much of old or second hand items.

Bag made from unwanted items.

Hand painted fans

Next, lunch at Pho Bay, a Vietnamese restaurant.

This isn't glass noodle.

Don't like the pho bo here because they didn't use glass noodles, or maybe that's how their glass noodles like. The Vietnamese restaurants in US did better.

World Cup Stadium
Have you ever thought of having a mall in a stadium? I never think of that so when I first knew that there are cinemas and hypermart on this stadium, I thought it's a brilliant idea. It's a great way of maximising space and increasing the revenue. Who would go to stadium everyday, but people will need to shop for their daily necessities. Thumbs up to whoever behind it!

The water fountain has become the kids playground.

Flowers at the stadium park

Ilsan Lake Park
It has the largest artificial lake in Asia.

Flags of the world

We rented a tandem bike and cycled around the lake. I love all the parks in Seoul. It must be the weather, Singapore has a lot of parks too but I hardly visit any of them hehehe...

We stopped a few times to take pictures, I'm really hooked on flowers now. :D

I was a bit hysterical when I saw the lotus pond and asked him to stop right away. I've never seen one before in my life. :P

It was so difficult to get a good shot of the lotus flower. Since they were on water, I couldn't get nearer to them. The only way was to zoom but it was hard to keep it still.

Some more flowers...

Does it look like cherry blossoms?

Rose garden
The rose garden was very big too and hubby was getting bored waiting for me. :P


felicia said...

i love your blog! =D
i might be going to korea this october...and the flea market that sells handmade items really caught my attention... X)
by any chance, do u know how much those cost? =)
are there any other shopping areas you can recommend for teens? ^^
thank you! =)

Irene said...

Hi Felicia,
The price is quite reasonable at the flea market. Myeongdong is pretty good too. :)