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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 79: Seoul (Too much good food in one day)

I wasn't really into unagi (grilled eel) when I was in Singapore. I usually don't touch them when hubby ordered it in a Japanese restaurant. In Seoul, I bought some unagi before from Lotte Mart and it wasn't good at all. So when he suggested we go to an eating place specialized in unagi I wasn't really interested. We had been postponing it for so long, the reason we finally visited this place is because we had set a new rule to try one new eating place/food every week. :)

It is located near Nagwon Arcade in Insadong. Direction: From Jongno 3(sam)-ga exit 5 walk towards Nagwon Arcade. Before you reach the arcade, turn right when you see a very small alley.

The store front

Live eels, check out the poster of their TV appearance.

The menu

We ordered the first one, 2 medium size eels at 16,000 won.

Side dishes

Here's their specialized side dish, deep fried eel spine.

They are delicious, we asked for an extra portion. :D

Finally our food came, it was love at first sight hahaha... :)

Don't they look yummy?

Another close up look, I hope you are not salivating. :P

Those unagi are damn good, probably it's because the fish is very fresh or the sauce. The sauce is not just sweet, it had a tinge of spiciness as well.

An extra sauce to dip in.

We will be coming back soon. :)

For dinner, we went to a place famous for its BBQ ribs. We had checked out this place earlier and it was always crowded, so we decided to give it a go.

The restaurant is located near Jonggak subway exit 3, on a small alley near Pizza Hut. It is really difficult to explain the direction in details because there were so many small alleys in this area. :P

The store front

Dried mackerel and chillies as decoration.

We ordered the BBQ ribs for two at 18,000 won. (I believe it's the first 9,000 won from the left)

First time I saw the salad dressing in pink!

Our dipping sauce

Spicy soybean paste soup as a side dish.

10 ribs for two of us.

Cut them into smaller pieces.

The ribs were good but not great, comparing it to our favourite BBQ pork place we still prefer the latter. Actually the sauce was nice, a bit spicy and tastes different from the usual western style ribs. The only problem was the meat was a bit hard.


Julianne Perry said...

do you remember the name of the salad and salad dressing, or ingredients. We lived in Korea for 1 year and I had the salad all the time, but forgot the ingredients and never asked how the dressing was made. I crave this all the time! We lives in Pyeongtaek, near Camp Humphreys and ate at Qui Qui every Friday night!

Irene said...

i don't know what kind of dressing it is.. had never seen it in supermarket either. Enjoy your time in Korea :)