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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 89: Seoul (Great indian food)

I've never been to an Indian restaurant except when I was in Bangalore. Before then, the Indian food that I'm familiar with was roti prata. But according to the Indian from India, roti prata doesn't come from India but is invented by the Singaporean Indian hehehe...

Hubby isn't really into Indian food, so when we were at Myeongdong and my friend suggested that we went to an Indian restaurant, I couldn't be happier.

Om Dristi Nepalese and Indian Cuisine

Nice ambience

Love the interior

Two types of set lunch, it's either mutton curry or chicken masala at 7,800 won. All of us ordered the chicken masala.

The food was great and wasn't very spicy. Surely one day I would drag hubby here. :)

I wasn't sure what these were, it came pretty late when we almost finished our food. I only like the green sauce.

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