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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 71: Seoul (Olympic Park)

We did visit the Olympic Park on our first Seoul trip but I didn't know that there's a lot more to it than just a huge Peace Gate and the country flags. So, we went there again on the weekend and I was thinking, what else to see after exploring three parks of Seoul? This park must be similar to one of those. But I was wrong, it did have something that other parks don't have. Seoul parks are really awesome!

A huge iron sculpture, compare the size with a person below.

Boating area for kids in a big inflatable swimming pool. Cool!

Working out at the gym while breathing some fresh air.

I don't know what makes him so happy...

Big green fields but it's not for picnic. Every time someone trying to cross the field, the guard will whistle.

This is what makes me very happy. :D

This cosmos flowers area is not as big as the one at Gyeongju, but it's good enough.

And check out the gourds family. Wow!

Trying to steal one of the bottle gourds, and it's the biggest one some more. ;)

The lake area

Remember this Olympic song?

Hand in hand, 1988 Olympic song

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