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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 5: Seoul (Mokdong, Yonsei University St, Ewha Women University St)

This was the first day of my shopping marathon. I was happy that hubby's colleague also brought his wife here, so now I had a shopping partner. :) After yesterday's rain, we had a great weather today but still cold at 10 degree Celsius.

Mokdong Rodeo Street
This street is where the major international labels set up their outlets. Not so many shops actually, we finished browsing them under three hours. Bought a Tommy bag here and she bought a pair of jeans. I wouldn't say the prices were damn cheap, but still worth to buy.

Some of the shops

Flowers on the roadside

Then we had lunch nearby.

A restaurant specialized in porridge.

The porridge looked so colorful and appetizing. It wasn't as smooth as the Cantonese one, but it was very good.

We asked for an extra serving of beef jerky. Put this into the porridge will make it extra sweet. Yummy...

The side dishes

Met this she-bear at the subway entrance.

Yonsei University Street
Our next stop was Yonsei University Street near Sinchon subway. There were a couple of shops here including Uniqlo below but there weren't much clothing shops.

I don't know why Singaporeans are so crazy about Uniqlo, they only have printed t-shirts and basic tops in many colors. What's the difference with Giordano anyway? I had been to the one in Paris and New York too and tried so hard to find something to buy, but never buy anything out from here.


A cathedral around this area.

Yonsei University Street

Stopped awhile for pizza.

Pizza in a cup.

Had a stick of chicken yakitori.

Ewha Women University Street
This was where we should spent more of our time, but it was too late. We only finished browsing a few shops and had to go back for dinner. Anyway, we bought a few items in an hour. :D

We found our calling. :P

Here the tees were from KRW 5,000 to 10,000 (SGD 6 to 12). Anyway, they hardly cross KRW 30,000.

I would definitely be back to explore this area. Then on our way home we also bought a pack of strawberries at KRW 5,000 (SGD 6). They were big, sweet and juicy. I had eaten this kind of strawberry once in Singapore and it cost around SGD 20.

The strawberries would be our staple fruit for the rest of our stay. :)

We went to dinner together with their Korean colleague and he introduced us to raw beef. I was excited to try everything new.

The restaurant

The side dishes

Each of us get a bowl of soup, also part of the side dish.


The raw beef was our main course.

Dip it into sesame oil together with a slice of plum.

I didn't have the feeling that I had eaten something raw. It had a bit of sweet (sesame oil), and the plum gave the extra oomph.

Marinated raw beef with cut pears

Mix the beef with pears and had it together, it gave you a fresh feeling in your mouth. It was the winner of all the three.

This was another good one, we bought a bottle back to Singapore. :)

Raspberry wine

We asked his Korean colleague whether it was true that a Korean housewife had to prepare so many side dishes on every meal. We just pitied them, after preparing so many food then had to wash so many dishes. I'm glad that I'm not born in Korea. :P

I was planning to come here again on our last day, so I asked him how to order them hehehe...

Here's the menu: the first item is raw beef, the second one is marinated raw beef. If you want a mix, it cost KRW 22,000.


Anonymous said...

hi irene,

thank you so much for sharing. i'll be visiting korea this coming april and would love to try raw beef too.

are you able to provide me with more information of the restaurant and how to get there?

thanks so much!

Angeline C. said...

Hi Irene,

Thank you so much for sharing your travel experience, really LOVE your blog.

I will be going to Seoul next month and wanted so much to try out the raw beef you mentioned. Can you let me know how to go there?

Thanks much
Angeline C.

Irene said...

Hi Angeline,
I don't know the exact address, but I could direct you from the Fraser Suites.

So first you have to find 7-11 which is in front of Fraser Suites lobby.

From 7-11 you walk towards Insadong main road, you will see a small alley on your right. Once entering the the small alley there is a kiosk selling a lot of bronze souvenirs. Keep walking and you'll see the restaurant. It's only a few metres away from the kiosk.

Hope you can find it. :)

Angeline C. said...

Hi Irene,

Thank you so much. I hope I can find.

Wish me luck!

Angeline C