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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 13: Seoul (Ewha Women University)

Ewha Women University
Nice campus!

Finished off the small shops and continued to explore the stalls at Yes apM. This building was still quite new and empty, but it had Mango and Zara outlets.

I had my lunch at Dunkin Donuts. I wasn't into donuts but when I tried theirs, I was hooked to Dunkin. The donut wasn't as sweet as what I had in Singapore, but it was the chou cream puff that scored. I tried Indonesian Dunkin Donuts years ago, it was really lousy and Hong Kong Krispy Kreme wasn't this good either.

No wonder they are popular here, I saw more Dunkin Donuts than other fast food like KFC or Burger King.

It had become my favourite. :)

Cheese cake, chou cream puff, strawberry donut

I went back early to buy some fruits at the wet market nearby our apartment. Fruits were pretty cheap here, 5 big Fuji apple only cost KRW 3,000 (SGD 3.60).

Wet market at Nakwon Arcade

What else could I say? Korean food is always good. :D

Side dishes

Doenjang jjigae (soybean paste soup)

Yukgaejang (spicy beef stew)


Chrisanty said...

Wah wah.... nyamiiiii.... senang sekali hidupmu, Rennnn.... Ga usah banting tulang dan stress sama kerjaan. Hehehehe...

Irene said...

cc, ini kan lagi liburan :P
gua kerja juga tuh...