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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 14: Seoul (Dongdaemun)

Dongdaemun Gate

Dongdaemun Shopping Complex
Specialized in textile, linen, bedsheets, laces, ribbons and homewares. I browsed for awhile and left.

Dongdaemun Shopping Complex


More laces


Bedsheets and towels

Various size of plates

Cheonggyecheon stream
The stream is nearly 6 km long, flows from west to the east of downtown Seoul.

Clear water

Shinpyunghwa Market
Mainly scarves, socks, and accessories.


This department store was lousy, can be skipped.


One of the best in Dongdaemun. The place was very very crowded and you have to browse it systematically to be able to see all. I spent my whole afternoon here.

Total of 8 shopping floors, with average of 100 kiosks on each floor.

Accessories occupies two levels, men's clothing occupies another two levels, and the rest for women's clothings.

Children hanbok

Hanbok tailor? It looks like a traditional wedding shop.

Took a break for lunch.

Street vendor

That's my lunch, shop until broke liao hehehe...

Doota Tower
This mall is quite new, more spacious and organized than Migliore. Some of the merchandise are pretty much the same as Migliore but with a higher price tag. Anyway, it's still worth to look at their Young Designer floor, the clothings are definitely nicer and more unique.

I also saw many tour buses dropped their tourists here. I think the tour guide didn't want them to stay very long, because if he dropped them at Migliore, they would go crazy and won't return to the meeting place on time. :P

Doota Tower

"Princess" shop

Everything was so pretty.

Whenever I saw this kind of shop, I would stay very long and scrutinize everything. :D

Going back for dinner with him, this time we had KFC. Their KFC were damn good too and not oily. Chili sauce wasn't required at all. Why everything was so good in Korea, I'm not biased, really. :)

Followed up by chou cream puff at Dunkin Donuts, I wanted to let him try.

KRW 600 (SGD 0.70) each

He liked it so much that he didn't want to share with me. :(

Cakes at Dunkin Donuts

Desserts and cupcakes

I think the Korean Dunkin Donuts have a lot more varieties than the one I know in Indonesia. Besides the cakes, donuts and puffs, they also have sandwiches and offer many varieties of drinks.


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sarah said...

For the princess shop,is it in the doota tower itself?And if it is inside,which level exactly?because I'm visiting korea next week(:Btw I really enjoy going to ur blog..

Irene said...

Hi Sarah,
Yes, it's in doota. Can't remember which floor, but there are many shops selling this kind of clothing.

Enjoy your trip!

stkjulie said...

Hi Irene,
I must refuse to read your blog tommorrow. You made hungry for Korean Foods,you made me want to shop, shop and shop in Seoul! I need a bigger luggage!Seoul is a must place to go! Thank you. I will stock up some USD tommorrow. Mmm smuck.

Irene said...

happy planning :)