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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 1: Singapore - Bangalore (India)

Since drinking water was the main concern, we brought with us two big empty bottles to be filled up just before we boarded the plane. It was for emergency purpose in case we didn't have chance to get more supply. Other than those, we also packed some diarrhoea pills and Vicks for desensitization. :P

SilverKris Lounge at Terminal 2
The lounge was quite spacious, but not as cool as the one in Terminal 3. The pantry was full of yummy stuff, we were spoilt for choices. There were sandwiches like turkey ham, tuna, egg, and then wintermelon soup with chicken and wolfberry, leek and potato soup, cakes, banana bread pudding with vanilla sauce, grilled chicken breast, indian curry dishes, fried chicken drumlets, salad, mashed potato, scones, and various juices. It was a feast!

Lounge area

Bar to fill up your alcohol needs

Just had a bit of everything.. grilled chicken breast, chicken drumlets, and mashed potato.

Turkey ham sandwich and leek & potato soup. Both were yummy.

Wintermelon soup was soothing too. :)

Vadai (Indian snacks) and banana bread pudding. Not that great.

Pretty cakes and cut fruits

As usual, once we boarded the plane, we parted our way. He was seated in front and I was at the tail, hehe... But I was lucky, the economy section was quite empty, so I took up one row of seats myself.

I loved the Indian snacks on board the plane. It was called Muruku, mixed with green peas. I had two packets with my Singapore Sling. :)

Muruku and Singapore Sling. Is Muruku sold in Singapore??

Bangalore Airport
The airport is brand new and bright with its high ceiling and full height windows. The immigration clearance was also very fast and no hassle. I felt great when I stepped out of airport, the air was fresh and cooling. I guessed it should be winter in this time of the year.

My first encounter of Indian words.

Arrival lobby

The airport building

There was no traffic jam whatsoever between the airport and the city, that's why we almost involved in accident twice!! The first one was the taxi in front of us suddenly rode on the pavement in the middle of the road, luckily our driver could brake in time and avoid bumping into that car. The second time, a motor bike suddenly cut our lane and then slowly cruising in front of us while talking with his handphone. He even gave us a dirty look when we overtook him. I didn't know whether I should curse or laugh. :P

Chancery Pavillion
Since the Mumbai incident, the hotels are tightened up their security screening like in the airport. Every guest has to open up his luggage and bags and go through the screening gate before entering the lobby.

This is actually a five-star hotel but its interior is pale in comparison to the famous 3 in Bangalore, i.e. Taj, Oberoi and Kempinski hotels. Too bad, those three were sold out so have to settle for this.

A bit disappointed with the room, it is so small, and in fact, it is the smallest room on that floor (we checked the blueprint that was usually hanged behind the door). Furthermore, it is located at a Club floor, means the rooms on this floor should be better than the standard rooms.

What a small room. :( But decor was fine.

Welcome gift

There were also complimentary water bottles and wireless internet.


Complete set of toiletries

This was great, I would be using it everyday for the rest of the stay. :)

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