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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 2: Bangalore

Early morning he woke up very early and had already left for work. Bangalore is famous for its traffic jam, so he need to get a headstart in order to reach office on time. I woke up a bit later and enjoyed my own sweet time to explore the hotel surroundings and pampered myself in a very long hot bath. :) I knew that I wouldn't be able to go out on my own since the city didn't feel very safe. So I spent the whole day watching Indian TV channels. There were 50 over channels for me to flip and I only stopped flipping when it showed the song and dance routines. Loved the way they danced, it was really funny. :)

Ithaca Restaurant

Outdoor seating near the swimming pool.

The waiter asked me to check the seal of bottle before opening it. Some dodgy restaurant will refill it, so be careful!

To prevent reuse of bottle, crush it after use (see the message).

Wood fire pizza tikka, it was so so yummy.

Couldn't finish it all, so tapao back to the room.

He came back quite early so we went out for a walk to the nearest shopping mall. From the map, it looked quite near but we still had to walk for 20 minutes. It wasn't an easy stroll in the evening, the road was dusty and there was hardly any pedestrian walk.

The road outside our hotel

Auto rickshaw

This is what I meant by not an easy stroll.

Garuda Mall
This mall has Esprit, Mango, Adidas, Swarovski, 2 department stores and other local shops. I checked out the T-shirt in Esprit and Mango were around SGD 10 but didn't get to shop in peace. :( Really can't shop with guys around!

Garuda Mall

Then we went to another mall called Bangalore Central. This is smaller than Garuda Mall and only has one department store that occupies the whole building. Bought our water supplies here, now I knew that 1L bottled water only cost SGD 0.30, it cost SGD 3 in the hotel hehe....

We tried to get a cab back to the hotel but no cab was insight, so we took the auto rickshaw. I had read that auto rickshaw driver wasn't very trustworthy, but there wasn't any other choice. Not long after, our driver started asking us for US dollars. We told him we came from Singapore and didn't have any. Then he asked us for SGD, we told him we only got rupees since India is using rupees not dollars. I was scared that he would bring us to somewhere else instead of back to the hotel because we didn't give him the money. It was getting dark, the map wasn't complete so we really didn't know where he would bring us. Finally I saw our hotel, and I told myself that it was impossible to go out alone anymore. Previously I thought after tonight outing, I would be familiar with the surroundings and will try to go out on my own, but better be safe than sorry.

Ithaca Restaurant
Back to hotel for dinner, better not take chances eating out.

Indoor seating area

Assorted breads

Char grilled tiger prawns with creamy risotto. Very nice!!

Traditional roast chicken - the meat was hard and dry, not good. :(

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