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Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 4: Bangalore

37th Crescent Hotel
We had to move out from Chancery Pavillion to this hotel for our one day extension. He dropped me off at the hotel and continued his way to work.

Our room was spacious and much nicer than our previous one, but this one had no bathtub and also no free internet.

Lobby on the 1st floor

Another seating area

Our bedroom

Living room? :)


Shower area

TV and writing desk

Suddenly I heard a loud noise outside, there's a convoy complete with marching band. Then I saw a wedding car. It was so happening, the people were dancing along the street and they set up fireworks a few times.

Marching bands

Wedding car

37th Chinatown Restaurant
This time we had a Chinese meal in hotel's own restaurant. At first I wasn't so sure about eating Chinese food in India but we wanted to eat something light so we just took the risk.

It was comforting to see the photo of the chef in the menu, he is a Chinese! :) We ordered quite a few dishes this time. Overall the food was ok, what we like most was the garlic and butter prawn followed by the Mongolian soup. Couldn't taste any wine in drunken fish though.

Mongolian soup with chicken, prawn, tofu, bamboo shoot, vegetables, and vermicelli.

Mixed vegetables with spinach and broccoli

Garlic and butter prawns

Drunken fish

How he looked like after the dinner, just kidding :P

After dinner, we made some enquiries with the travel agent in our hotel for our full day car with driver rental tomorrow. At first he quoted us a price which I think were a bit expensive but still reasonable. After further questions, he tried to jack up his price saying that this didn't include an air-con car and only for 4 hours use. Before this, we had made enquiries at some places but didn't make any booking yet so we knew the market price. I knew he tried to hard sell us and we are just too seasoned for this kind of game. :P So I told hubby to make enquiries at other hotels along the street, anyway all hotels must be selling the same thing. There are 3 hotels along the street, they all quoted different price and we finally settled with one. This shabby hotel is probably only a 2-star with most of its guests are local Indians, but the price he quoted was fair enough and the receptionist guy was so helpful and nice to make phone calls for us for at least half an hour. When we were back at our hotel, that original travel agent guy told us that he could gave us discount. We told him triumphantly that we had made our reservation. In my mind I said "Your lost." :P Anyway, whether you book at an expensive hotel or a cheap hotel they might be using the same car rental company, it won't guarantee you the quality of service.

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