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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 3: Bangalore

As usual I had my own lunch in the hotel. Didn't feel bored at all, I watched TV, posted a blog, had a long bath and exercised using this. :) But suddenly there's no electricity for about half an hour, I thought this could only happen in Indonesia hehehe..

Stepping machine in the room. Nice, right?

Indian Affairs
Didn't go out at all today, he came back so late so we just had our dinner downstairs. This time we had kebabs from another restaurant called Indian Affairs. The kebabs were so damn good, it was the highlight of our meal here.

India crackers, too spicy for us. Look at the dots of black pepper.

The chicken kebab was very nice and quite spicy. Hubby said it's too spicy for him. Actually we were a bit hesitant to order lamb kebab because it usually has that kind of smell, but this one had no smell at all.

Chicken kebab - in the menu it is called Murgh Lahsooni Tikka
(Succulent chicken cooked with cream and scented with garlic and indian spices)

Lamb kebab - Ronak e Seekh
(lamb mince mixed with red and green capsicum, onions, marinated in home made spices and cooked in the tandoor)

Green sauce for kebabs. Don't know what it is.

Wood fire prata and naan

Happy eating :)

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