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Friday, May 08, 2009

Day 22: Seoul (South Korea) - Singapore (SQ, Best Business Class ever)

I still had a couple of hours before leaving for the airport. Didn't want to go very far, so I only walked from our apartment to Jonggak for lunch. I had KFC for the last time and also had Baskin & Robbins ice cream. After lunch, walked around the area and felt very sad to leave Seoul. :(

Bosingak Belfry

Jongno Tower

Nothing much to see here so I went back and waited for him at the lobby. He went to office in the morning and asked me to meet him at 4pm. He was 30 minutes late and we quickly ran and hailed a taxi.

The taxi was equipped with hi-tech GPS. Instead of showing maps, it had the 3D images of the roads and buildings on both sides of the road, including the position of petrol stations (complete with names). The position of overhead bridges were also drawn so accurately.


World Cup Stadium

Not sure where and what it is.

Incheon Airport

The airport

Asiana Lounge

The interior was so stylish with some clever lighting on the bookshelves. It was also equipped with 5 massage chairs and shower rooms but the variety of food was limited.

I love those binded books, by the way they are fake hehe...

The lounge with a baby grand piano

Eating area

Soup and some cold pasta

Salad and tomato juice

Coffee, nachos and brownie

These cakes were good.

Massage chair

Wash room with make up area

Shower room

SQ Business Class
This had to be the best business class ever. I had been to so many but it never felt this comfortable. Usually I was too embarrassed to take any photos but this time I really had to. :P

So wide and so much privacy. You couldn't really see the person next to you when you sit down.

Since it was partially covered, taking photos was a breeze as long as I didn't use flash hehhee :P

15.4 inch wide LCD TV, comes with some USB ports and power supply for laptop.

I saw someone plug in the laptop and use the TV as its monitor. Also, you could plug your USB thumbdrive and it could read your office application files like Word document, Powerpoint on TV. Cool!

Watching Valkyrie, I had 100+ movies to choose from.

That's my Silver Kris Sling, a concoction of Cointreau, gin, orange juice, pineapple juice and champagne. Only the name was different, it tasted like a Singapore sling.

Blur version of me :D

Enjoying myself, thanks to hubby. :D

Dinner menu, I had those with red asterisks.

Chicken satay, complete with cucumber, onion and satay sauce.

Foie gras!! Hubby always tells me that the food at business class sucks, but when I told him I had the goose liver, he was so jealous hahaha... He never get something this good. :P

Sirloin steak with spinach and rosti was a failure. The steak was too hard.

Vienetta ice cream. Yum!

After ice cream, they still served some cheese, coffee, teas and chocolates. I just had to say no.

I only finished half of it, this fuji apple was huge.

After I finished the dinner, I converted the seat to a flat bed. Oh, my first flat bed!! From my previous experiences, the seats were just extended but never flat, only first class seats that can be extended fully to flat but it still looks like a seat.

By the way, not all SQ flights have this kind of seat, the one I took from Bangalore to Singapore was quite lousy too. This kind of seat is only available in SQ Boeing extended range (flight model ended with ER).

For its first class, there is still some differences but the main thing is you will be able to stretch your leg fully in straight line, while in business, you could only do it if you lied down diagonally.

After it was converted to a bed, I felt like watching the movie in my living room. Definitely an unforgettable experience.

Still had some space after I fully streched my leg. :)

I never like flying but this time I had so much fun that 6 hours flight seem not enough. I spent almost 4 hours for two movies and dinner, and the rest of time trying all other kinds of in-flight entertainment and also trying to sleep. It was a really busy night hehehe.. Never felt this sad before leaving an airplane.

By the way, holiday ain't over yet. :)

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Hyacinthe R. said...

Next time, take this plane from SIN to EWR! 18-hour flight!