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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Day 21: Seoul (Gangnam Underground Shopping)

Yesterday, we happened to pass by the underground shopping on our way back to the subway station. I told myself, well this was another place to explore and I didn't regret it at all.

Gangnam Underground Shopping
The underground shopping is huge and has most diversified merchandise compared to those I visited earlier. Clothing, accessories, homeware, kitchenware, flowers, paintings, etc. Next time when I move to a new house, I'll fly to Seoul and buy everything from here. I'm not kidding!

Mostly female clothings

How could I not fall in love with these?

Home decoration

Artificial flowers

These are definitely my favourites. :D

Real flowers

More real flowers

And more!!

I spent my whole day here and feeling tizzy. Should I buy or shouldn't I? There were so many household items that I wanted to buy but after thinking through I didn't get any of them at all. Nice to have but not necessary, that's how I psyched myself repeatedly. :P

This was our last night in Seoul and we went back to the restaurant that served raw beef. Time really flies. :(

Side dishes


Marinated raw beef

After came back from dinner, I gathered all my shopping stuffs on the bed to see how I fared. Hmm... actually it wasn't that many, I know many of my friends could do it better. :) And the wonderful part was all these cost me less than half an LV bag. I think I don't need to shop in Singapore anymore until end of this year.

So, here is the list of my top shopping cities:
1. Seoul
2. Taipei
3. New York (or the factory outlets across US)
4. Bangkok
5. Hong Kong

The shopping spree of 3 weeks (~100 hours).

We finished packing in three hours, both our luggage had been extended to the max to fit in all these. Luckily I didn't buy more things from the underground shopping, if not I'm sure I will get scolding from hubby. :P

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Hey hey I'm using your top picture for an article on my blog about Gangnam, of course keeping your name on there and linking through with the pictue. Hope you're ok with it!