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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Day 17: Seoul (Apgujeong, E-Mart at Sinseoldong)

This area is supposed to be the most elite of Seoul shopping scene, but it was just too quiet for my taste. The road was very empty and we hardly saw any shoppers. I knew the rich would just come by and left in a car, but this didn't feel like a main shopping street at all.

Galleria department store


No queue like in Singapore or even Paris.

Other than the branded shops, we also noticed the existence of many plastic surgery clinics in this area. One of his colleages joked that all the women that came to shop in Apgujeong looked the same. :D

This guy wanted to be kissed.

Here you are. :D

Saw many flowers on the pedestrian walk. My favourite flower, daisies!!

We had a very long walk in Apgujeong because the subway was very far. Yeah, this area wasn't for someone without car.

E-Mart at Sinseoldong
It was our last weekend in Seoul and we wanted to go to the supermarket/hypermart to buy some local stuff. This E-Mart was in residential area, we were seriously too free to come all the way here. :D

E-Mart, a hypermart like Carrefour.

After E-Mart, we went back home and only came out for dinner.

A tilted stone pan.

Daeji galbi (pork ribs)

After it's cooked.

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rara said...

wow pretty pretty flowers.....they look almost artificial!!!