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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Day 20: Seoul (Cheonggye Plaza, Gangnam)

Cheonggye Plaza during the day

Spiral sculpture

World Vision donation drive

Money, money, money gleaming under the sunlight.

How does it feel to have so much money under your feet? :)

Sponsored by Visa

Paper cranes that filled up the word "go"

Hogged the booth at Cheonggye Plaza and created 3 e-cards and 1 video. :P

I changed the audio, as my voice was too cute :P

Cheonggyecheon stream

About the restoration project

Pretty pink ribbons shading the walkway

Raira massage
I had been nursing a very bad shoulder pain before I came to Seoul. Since normal massage didn't help much I tried to google for a thai massage place when I was here. Only managed to find one that was located at Gangnam. It was four blocks away from the subway station and took me 20 minutes walk to reach there. Luckily I could find the place because it was rather secluded in the residential area.

The masseuse was a Thai and the massage was average only. With its skyrocket price, I could only go for one hour massage. How I wish I was in Bangkok. :(

A bungalow that is converted to a spa.

Gangnam Station
Had lunch at Cafe Iceberry, located at Gangnam Station.

That's my lunch cum teabreak. :P

Next to Gangnam station is the Shinsegae Department store. Check out the basement food area!

Shinsegae department store

Pretty cupcakes!

Breaded fried stuff

Wow, they have Dalloyau! This is the famous patisserie from Paris, tried their cake once when I was there.

Macaroons is 50% cheaper than its counterpart in Paris.

The making of coffee bun (known as roti boy)

See how agile he was

Here's the end product.

Wow, Le Cordon Bleu too! They had the famous Cordon Bleu chicken on sale.

We had dinner at one of the many small eating places inside the Gangnam station.

Not very hungry, so I just ordered a sushi set.

He had the sashimi don.

Actually, he came all the way here to see the newly installed Banpo bridge fountain. But it was already so late when we finished our dinner.

He bought me sunflowers when we passed by many flower sellers in Gangnam. Second time in a week. :D

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