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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 4: Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia) - Singapore

Our last day in KK was reserved for last minute shopping. 1Borneo is a very huge mall that comes with spacious layout, high ceilings and wide walkways. We could find many Singapore brands here and also some luxury stores like Rolex and Mont Blanc. But in a small town like KK, how could they make money? Anyway, the mall was very quiet, I really didn't know how the tenants could survive.

Tune Hotel also goes retail by opening a department store at 1Borneo. I guess once you are rich, you could just venture into any kind of business.

Tune department store

The stuff here wasn't nice at all.

Didn't shop a lot here, my best buy was only the limited edition of Jansport backpack at 70% off. :D He bought some electronic stuff and we also got a few things from Giant.

Had our lunch at KFC that came with a bowl of wanton soup and chicken rice. Yummy. :)

We were just hanging around here until it was time to go to the airport. Boarded the shuttle bus to city center and then took a cab from there. This way we saved half the cost. :P

Pink mosque perched on top of the hill

Likas Mosque by the lake

Actually we didn't do what people go to KK for, i.e. to hike the Mt. Kinabalu or see the Proboscis monkey. I don't think we could survive the hike and the monkeys sanctuary is very far from KK. It was planned to be a R&R trip for us.

Leaving KK in the evening

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