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Saturday, June 27, 2009

4th wedding anniversary (Equinox & Pan Pacific hotel)

We had a little staycation on weekend for our wedding anniversary. :)

Started with a lunch buffet at Equinox, Fairmont Hotel. The lunch buffet cost a hefty $59.90 +++ but with a "Feed at Raffles" card, it's half price. First time using it although we have been holding it for almost two years and it's going to expire soon. The card is complimentary from AMEX platinum, if not the membership fee is quite expensive too. Since we went there for our wedding anniversary, we also received a complimentary cake. Not bad, huh?

Dining area

These food pictures look good, but don't be fooled. Please read the fine print. :P

Assorted sushi and sashimi

Prawn cocktail salad, not nice.

Canadian oyster, Srilankan crab, tiger prawns and mussel.

We didn't really enjoy the food though, they were expensive stuff but it's not really tasty. Like the cold prawns, they were very big but the meat was hard and not sweet. The prawn salad tasted funny too. Oysters and mussels were very fresh, but I'm not into it. We only like the sushi and sashimi which we could get it everywhere.

Next is ala carte main course for each person. It comes with the buffet.

Beef bourguignon with mushroom, carrots and potato puree.

Crisp roasted pork belly with braised taro and plum sauce.

We didn't (not couldn't) finish our main course. I had the roasted pork which I think the hawkers do better.

Pan fried foie gras, freshly prepared upon orders. The foie gras was actually fairly small, it was put on a small soya sauce saucer. I took the picture too near. :P

The queue for foie gras station was very long. After waiting for half an hour, it was a disappointment too, they were half burnt! SQ one was so much better.

Desserts usually wouldn't go wrong but they were really just average. Only the creme brulee was great.

Assorted mini cakes

Berries in juice. Sour!

Apricot, marshmallow, and strawberries dipped in dark and milk chocolate.

Green tea and chocolate ice cream topped with melted chocolate.

Creme brulee, must try.

I guess people just came here for the view. The view from 70th floor is amazing.

Casino under construction

Singapore flyer on the left.

These three buildings are like tablets on the altar, aren't they?

Singapore river in CBD area

Singapore sky

Heartlands view

Does he have the look of a young CEO? Hahaha...

Pan Pacific Hotel
Stayed here for a night, it's complimentary. Ritz Carlton is of course much nicer, but I'm grateful. :) They offered us a late checkout at 2pm, nice!

(Old post on Pan Pacific, here)

Power shower

View outside

We were there on the top floor hours earlier.

Putien, Marina Square
Went to Putien again for our dinner. The food was simple but heavenly. Who says good food need to be expensive?

Fried bee hoon

Putien noodle soup, my comfort food.

The next day, we had our chocolate truffle cake from Equinox for breakfast. This cake was damn good, one of the best I ever had. I have yet to call them and ask whether they baked this in-house or got it from somewhere else.

Chocolate truffle cake

Went for swimming after breakfast. Then, checked out and had lunch at Inle, Marina Square.

Inle is another favourite, a Myanmar restaurant that has a very good fried kwetiau.

The closest Penang fried kwetiau that I could find with less oil, the hawker ones are usually too oily.

Chicken curry Myanmar style

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Happy Anniversary for Irene & Jimmy "young CEO" :D