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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Day 13: London (UK) - Paris (France)

It was our last day in London and we still had half a day before our scheduled train back to Paris. After so many days here we never visited any shops at all except Harrods. Today was our only chance to shop. Firstly, we headed to Covent Garden for lunch and then to Oxford street malls. Every shops I passed got huge sales, but after browsing for half a day I didn't buy any single thing. The sale just wasn't good enough, either the clothes were so old or it wasn't worth to buy. I went back to Paris empty handed. :(

Covent Garden Market

Oxford Street


I love London, will definitely come here again if I have the chance. There are still many places that I haven't visited like Greenwich and Stratford upon Avon (Shakespeare Birthplace). And then there is also Wales which we don't cover at all.

Actually we didn't plan for a free and easy trip, but our fully paid package tour with Contiki was cancelled. It was ridiculous, since they had already confirmed it before we left for Paris. Before they cancelled, I thought the easiest one should be the UK trip since I had booked everything, it turned out this was the most difficult one to plan.

But it was good that they cancelled, we saved more and we covered more places than their itinerary! 15 cities in 13 days, I don't think anyone can beat us.

And the happiest thing is I lost 2 kg, what a great way to lose weight! Next time I know what to do if I gain all back. :D

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