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Friday, January 11, 2008

Day 2: Krabi

I woke up at around 9.30 am and pulled back the curtains, wow.. I didn't know there was a big rock outside our room.

View from our balcony

After breakfast, we went back to sleep. :P It was still early, shops were closed and the plan was not to do anything here, just relax and relax.

We only stepped out of our room at 2pm for lunch. Krabi weather was hot and humid, I guessed we still had not used to the tropical weather after spending winter for a few months. We saw more ang mohs than Asians on the street, and majority of them were from Scandinavian countries. Even the restaurant menu was printed in their languages.

Puffer fish for lunch? :)

Crocodile fish

After browsing for awhile, we settled for one of the biggest restaurant at the main street. It was set in alfresco style, nice decor and good food, but the weather was too hot for us to enjoy the surroundings.

Mixed vegetables and stir fried chicken

Heart shaped rice

Ao Nang Beach
After lunch, we headed to the beach to take a walk. It was very quiet in the afternoon as the tourists had not returned from the nearby islands. Krabi has many limestone rocks, not only on the beach but some are sprouted from the sea.

Close up view of a limestone rock

Long tail boats

The monkeys were wandering freely on the beach. There were so many of them.

Having a deep conversation

A loner

Monkey fight

Who lets the dog out?

Marine Life
We encountered many types of shellfish along the beach, it was an eye opener for me. :)

Who made this mess?

It was the tiny crab, amazing isn't it?

Starfish coral??

A snail



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