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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Medan (Heavy weight breakfast)

I usually have two pieces of white bread with jam or not eating at all in the morning. But for Medanese, these are what they called a true breakfast.

Fried beehoon with eggs at Pasar Ramai

Wonton noodles nearby my house

Nasi lemak with satay at Pasar Ramai

Fried kwetiau with eggs at Jalan Gedeh

Fried kwetiau with eggs at Pasar Ramai.

Lontong sayur at Pasar Ramai

Fried plain bee hoon at Pasar Ramai

As you could see, almost all my breakfast came from Pasar Ramai, the wet market near my house. And after a heavy breakfast at 9 am, I only ate very little for lunch. But then around 3-4pm, I would be hungry again and that was the time to find my teabreak. :D

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