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Monday, February 01, 2010

Day 195: Goodbye Korea

I had a wonderful time in Seoul, feeling grateful that I could stay for so long and experience everything Korea had to offer. At the same time I'm excited to go back to Singapore, have been craving for hawker food for quite sometime. Yeah... :P

Incheon Airport
I couldn't believe that we packed so much things as we just did the packing in one night anyway. In total we had two big and two small suitcases and the total weight was 80 kg! Luckily hubby has some perks, so no problem for the extra kilos, great!

Asiana Lounge
We took an SQ flight, but SQ doesn't have their own lounge in Incheon Airport, so we used the facilities of Asiana Lounge. My buffet meal starts now...

Asiana Lounge

It was the same lounge as my last trip, click here for more photos.

Nachos, peanuts and dips

Crab meat porridge, not much meat insight.

Pretty good roast chicken

Baked potato with garlic

After finished eating, it was time to board the plane. The eating continues...

Hubby was very kind to give me his seat again. This could be my last business class seat as I don't foresee a lot of travelling in the future. :(

Business class section

Settling down comfortably.

The stewardess passed me the menu book for the welcome drink. I ordered a glass of warm water.

The menu

Hmm... which main should I get?

After the plane was in the air, I was offered another welcome drink.

My second welcome drink, ice Milo.

Time to watch a movie.

I was watching Law Abiding Citizen starring Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx while having my dinner.

Chicken satay for starter. The starter never change.

Table setup.

Smoked duck breast, foie grass, ham, egg plant and other stuff.

Hubby told me that I'm very lucky, I have foie gras every time I'm on business class. So far he only had foie gras once. He was super jealous lah.. :P

I only ate a quarter of the foie gras, it never occur to me that I should tell the stewardess to bring this to the economy hahaha...

Grilled salmon fillet with ratatouille

The salmon fillet was huge, I only finished 1/3.

Dark chocolate with citrus compote

As usual after the desserts, the stewardess will offer fruits, cheese platter and chocolates. I stopped after the ice cream, had been eating nonstop since I arrived in airport. :P

After dinner, I went to look for him in the economy. When I saw how narrow the seat was in the economy, it reminded me again that I should be grateful and have to enjoy this moment to the fullest hahaha... The stewardess noticed that I went to look for him and told me that hubby could join me in business class shortly before landing so that we could leave together. Nice ...

The lights were off. It's time to convert the seat to bed. My favourite!!

Happy camper...

Watched an old movie, In the Mood for Love starring Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung.

After this movie, I just tried to have a quiet time and sleep.

Changi Airport Terminal 3

And finally, I am in Singapore again after 7 months away. Home sweet home :)


Kris Ablan said...

Thanks to your travel blog I was able to get a lot of pointers for my trip to Korea this coming March. Congratulations!

Hendri said...

thank you! going to seoul/busan for holy week. very interesting, informative read.

Hendri said...

thanks for this interesting, informative, fun read. will be going to seoul/busan in a few weeks. especially liked the food posts!thank you!