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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Day 4: Barcelona - Madrid

This time we had to go to Girona airport (outside Barcelona), which was 1.5 hour by bus.

Arc de Triompf
We were curious because the name was the same as the one in Paris. So we decided to go and take a look.

Girona Airport
This time we took Ryan air which is another budget airline. It felt more cheapo than easyJet hehhee, as they designed the plane to have a lot of advertising space. It was everywhere from the cabinets, back of your seat, on the folded table, etc.

Advertising stickers on the overhead cabinet

Reached Madrid around 5pm after an hour flight. We took the metro to our hotel and joined the rest of our group members.

The tour was organized by Cosmos. The first time we met the rest of the group we had a mixed feeling. 38 of us and majority were seniors above 50 hahahaha... The younger ones were only us, the other young couple, 3 Korean and 1 Aussie girl. Most of them came from US and Canada, the rest were from UK, Philippines, and UAE. I told hubby that we should behave since there were so many seniors :P

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