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Friday, April 20, 2007

Phantom of the Opera

I had a Phantom fever since he arrived in Singapore. After I heard from friends that the show was really good and can't be missed, I regretted not to buy the tickets and then scrambled to look for tickets for one full week. All the good seats from the official channel were sold out long long time ago. I even went through all the dates one by one to check what are the best seats available and it was not an easy task. The website was very slow and not user friendly (stupid jsp pages are always slow). I searched in the auctions and classifieds, there were some good seats but not the best. And some people were selling it higher than the price they bought. I also went to Sistic counter twice but no more good seats.

Fast forward, I won the tickets from bidding at the auction. It was a matinee but the seats were quite good. But later the seller messaged me that she got it wrong, it was actually much further away from the stage. Since I was at Raffles City that time, I went to the Sistic counter and checked the seat location. Then I overheard the salesgirl saying that there are good seats available now. I just didn't realise that I was cutting the queue and told her that I want those seats. Then she asked me to wait for my turn. Later she told me that the system was previously down for two hours and there were so many people turned away. And the best part is a sponsor had just released the best seats. I can't believe that I was so lucky to be there at the right place and the right time and my auction seller turned out to give wrong information!!

Finally I got the center seats, seven rows from the front, and is on Labour day which is a public holiday (so I don't have to rush from office). It was really worth paying the premium!!

I can't wait to meet Phantom :)

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