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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 107: Trekking Mount Sorak (2)

We had a clear blue sky, a great day for hiking!

A busy day at the national park.

1. Sogongwon Park - Biseondae Rock Platform (3 km)

The riverbed was dried up.

Took a break here.

Big mistake! His feet were numb soon after. :P

Continued our journey by following the water stream.

Fibre glass vs wooden hiking stick. :P

I didn't find it useful to hold on to the hiking stick, threw it away not long after.

Rock climbing!

Finally we reached Biseondae.

Not as pretty as in the description. :P

Biseondae rock carving.

We had our lunch here, and then continued to our next course. From Biseondae it branches out to two trails, we chose the shortest one to Geumganggul Cave.

2. Biseondae Rock Platform - Geumganggul Cave (600 m)
I thought caves were usually at the lower ground, but this one is not!

My fellow trekkers, twice my age and double the energy. They walked so fast. :P

Beginning of the trail.

The trail was getting treacherous, and it was all the way up almost vertically. We stopped many times, trying to catch our breath and I almost gave up twice. Compared to this, what we did the day before seems like 'a walk in the park'.

A real hiking.

Finally we reached a transit point.

Saw another daredevil.

There was no turning back after climbing so high. Of course we must continue!

One-third to go.

From now on, we had to climb the stairs that were installed on the side of the cliff. This is the most craziest thing I've ever done in my life.

See how steep it is.

And it's a two way lane.

Sure die if something happened to the stairs.

Many stairs after, we reached the cave. What a surprise, it is a small Buddhist temple.

A small sanctuary.

Lanterns hung on the cave ceiling outside the sanctuary.

This is the nun's desk and all her necessities.

I had so many questions in my head: Does she live here? If not, does she climb up here everyday? She is quite young probably in her mid 30s so that's possible. And how to go to toilet?

Other than her, there's another middle aged guy selling souvenirs and coffee!! You could still get a cup of coffee all the way up here. Koreans are amazing!

We stayed here quite a while and saw many people come and go. Some were very old and had problem walking, also saw a few 5-6 year old kids as well. Luckily I made it here, if not what a shame. :P

View from the cave.

The way down was quite as bad because both my legs had turned jelly after climbing so many steps up. I didn't think I could made it without hubby. I hung on to him all the time for my dear life. :P

That was where we were earlier.

We had our last chance to try Dongdongju (rice wine). These few days we had seen many Koreans drinking this. I didn't quite like it, my face turned red after one bowl.


Went back to our guesthouse to get our luggage and heading to the Express Bus Terminal. The bus were all fully booked and we could only get on to the 7.30 pm bus. Reached Seoul 4.5 hours later because of the traffic jam. I was exhausted.

I think I've done enough hiking. :)

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