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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 106: Trekking Mount Sorak

It was raining in the early morning but it didn't stop us going to the Mount Sorak National Park, and so did a lot of people. Luckily the rain stopped pretty soon after we started our first trekking course.

At the park entrance

1. Sogongwon Park - Yukdam Falls - Biryong Falls (3.6 km)

Beginning of the trail

Went into the forest.

As we went deeper into the forest, we started to see some colors.

The trail was getting harder.

The more difficult the trail is, the more impressive scenery you'll get. No pain, no gain!

Yukdam Waterfalls (so small!)

We were getting nearer to the Biryong waterfalls.

Grammar corrected by the tourist hahaha...

The waterfalls wasn't that impressive but the trail to the waterfalls made up for it.

The water was freezing cold.

This trail took us about two hours with many stops for photos. On the way back, we only took half the time.

There were many eating places around here, you won't go hungry in the Korean jungle!

We stopped by here and had our lunch. Love the ambience, the air was fresh and we had mountain views all around us. We ordered a seafood pancake and it came with so many side dishes.

Yummy seafood pancake.

This salad was so nice!

The potato pancake on the left is complimentary too!

The seller gave us a glass of Sorak wine each. It's sweet, more like a grape juice but I like it. :P

After lunch we bought our cable car tickets. It was fully booked and we had two hours to spare before our turn. It's good that they didn't make us queue for our turn.

2. Sogongwon Park - Sinheungsa Temple - Heundeul Bawi (4.6 km)
We only made it halfway to Heundeul Bawi and had to return for our cable car ride. There would be a penalty if we didn't make it on time.

A big seated Buddha on the way to Sinheungsa Temple.

You could write on one of these roofs if you make a donation.

I didn't took the photo of Sinheungsa Temple. But its toilet building is very nice. :P

Ulsanbawi (Granite Peak)

3. Upper cable car station - Gwongeumseong Fortress (300 m)

Took this cable car up to the peak for about 10 minutes.

At the peak station.

View of Sockho. We could see the red Cheonghodaegyo bridge from here.

Autumn colors.

It was so windy and cold up here. After taking enough photos, we started to walk on the trail to the fortress. It was a pretty easy walk.

Trail to the fortress.

After about 10 minutes we reached here.

From here it was pretty scary. The wind was so strong, so most of the time I stayed low and crawled like a monkey. :P

We took a refuge from the wind halfway up, waited for a while and quickly climbed again when the wind became weaker.

Yay, we reached the top!

View of the peaks.

The going down was as difficult as the way up. I hung on to hubby most of the time. :D By the time we reached the cable car station, it rained. We were lucky!

In total, we had trekked for more than 10 km. Unbelievable experience!


Angeline C said...

Hi Irene,

It's me Angeline C again. After reading your interesting itinerary, my friend & I decided to follow most of them.

If you remember, I mentioned that I will be going to Seoul sometime early April, really hope I can catch the Cherry Blossom :)

I have a few questions on Mount Sorak & Sokcho.

1) What time did you take the bus from Seoul Express Bus Terminal?

2) Can we purchase the bus tickets (two ways) in advance from the Seoul Express Bus Terminal? ie: go a few days earlier to buy?

3) Is the guesthouse (Dolgamja House)far away from the Sokcho Bus Terminal?

Sorry to trouble you with so many questions. Thanks much

Angieline C

Irene said...

1. We went very early probably around 7am.

2. I think so, but once you bought the ticket I don't think you could change the timing.

3. The guesthouse is nearer to Mount Sorak. From Bus Terminal to Mount Sorak is about 30 min by public buses. You will pass the guesthouse on the way there. It's probably about 10 minutes to Mount Sorak.

solelyseoul said...

Hi Irene, thanks for your v helpful account of your trip up mt Seorak. For someone who hates walking let alone climb a mountain, I have decided to trek up Seoraksan this time. Haha. Not sure if I will eventually but the fall foliage is inviting enuff this time. Thanks again for giving me the push to do it. See ya in Nov!!!! *^^*