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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Day 2: Fukuoka (Japan) - Seoul (South Korea)

Shofukuji Temple
This temple is just a walking distance away from Gion subway station.

Tochoji Temple

From here I took the subway to Ohori Koen station for Ohori Park.

Man made lake at Ohori Park.

Maizuru Park

This wasn't the correct season to come, the lotus field should be lovely in summer.

Fukuoka Castle ruins

The original blueprint of the castle

Now it is just walls, it was a waste of time and energy to climb all the way up here.

I could imagine the castle area and Maizuru Park would be lovely in spring because I saw many cherry blossoms and plum trees around.

This is the central of Fukuoka, a lot of shopping malls here.

A cuckoo clock at Shintencho mall.

I didn't stay very long in Tenjin, from here I went to Nakata area for Kawabata Shotengai, an old shopping arcade that has more interesting stuffs than the usual modern shopping mall.

Naka river

Eeny Meeny Miny Mo, a shopping mall in Nakata. This is just opposite the Kawabata Shotengai.

Kawabata Shotengai

Kawabata Zenzai is famous for rice cakes with red beans.

Bought a few to try, nice!

Inside the store, they have a 3-storey high float that is used during Yamakasa festival.

Yamakasa festival is the most important event in Fukuoka, held every year in July. It's a 400 year tradition where men wearing the robe and loin cloth (like the sumo wrestler) carry the floats and run for a 5km race. It must be an exciting event to watch. :D

Scary Hakata dolls

Having tonkotsu ramen again for lunch.

Still great, I guess it doesn't matter where you have it.

Bought some Kyoho grapes based on a friend recommendation.

¥250 for one box, the nicest grapes I ever have. :D

Kushida Shrine

Ema, a small wooden plague where one writes his wishes.

Cute ema

Will the god hear our wishes if it has wrong spelling? :P

Mentaiko (spicy fish roe) is a famous local product. I tried but didn't quite like it.

Canal City
Big shopping complex and Grand Hyatt hotel in one place. Luckily I found my fridge magnet here, I couldn't find it anywhere else!

Halloween decorations

I finished my sightseeing and still had two hours before going to the airport. Went back to the hotel and checked my emails.

Fukuoka Airport

Yamakasa float at the airport.

Leaving Fukuoka in the evening.

Airline food never taste this good!

I was a bit nervous when going through the Seoul immigration. The officer didn't ask anything and straight away gave me a 3-month chop on my passport. Custom clearance was a breeze too. Mission accomplished!!

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