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Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 3: Tretes - Surabaya

The villa

Living room


Another villa where the landlord stays.

Went out to buy famous rujak..

Rujak manis

Everyone is busy on their own.

Next is satay..

The satay was so yummy, it cost Rp. 9000 (SGD 1.15) for ten sticks. We had 40 sticks of chicken and mutton.

Tretes Raya Hotel
Located opposite our villa, it is a 4-star hotel but doesn't look very well kept.

"I want to ride that horse!"

Scenery from the hotel

The big hamster was working hard after eating so much. :P

Last photo before leaving Tretes.

The only attraction in Tretes is the fresh produce market.

Bought a lot of bananas, petai, duku, and mangosteen.

Hotel Senyiur
Another stop at a hotel to view the scenery.

Another must do in Tretes is to eat at Ayam Goreng Sri. The restaurant was fully packed to the brim eventhough its capacity is at least a hundred.

View outside the restaurant. Haven't seen so much greenery for a very long time.

Coconut juice with syrup. Would have been better without it.

Beras kencur (Indonesian traditional drink, a kind of jamu).

Grilled spicy butter corn from the roadside, absolutely heavenly.

Fried chicken, didn't quite like it.

Sayur lodeh

Tahu goreng (fried tofu)

Tahu telor (tofu omelette with peanut sauce)

It was the first day of Chinese New Year, in order to keep the tradition we went to his relative house located at the elite housing estate in downtown Surabaya. The bungalows were big, some looked like a mansion. I heard this kind of bungalow will cost around SGD 1 million.

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