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Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 2: Malacca

Tesco Malacca
Today was our designated shopping day. We went to Tesco hypermart and bought lots of stuff. The baby's milk was 30% cheaper in Malaysia and we bought 4 cans. I also bought many US made food items like baby food and cereal bars. They were also much cheaper here than in Singapore. Another must buy items were contact lenses, I bought enough supply to last me for half a year.

Shopping at Tesco

Restoran Ole Sayang
After Tesco, we had our lunch at this Peranakan Restaurant. It was very crowded during lunch hour. Hmm...the food must be good. :)

Inside the restaurant

Waiting for food....

Itik Tim (Duck with salted vegetable soup)

Chicken Pongteh

Mixed vegetables in Nyonya style

Otak Otak

Ice Chendol

The food wasn't fantastic, it had a funny taste that we weren't used to. We only liked the otak otak and the ice chendol. What a pity :(

Medan Ikan Bakar at Muara Sungai Duyung
In the evening we drove about 4 km out of Malacca to a fishing village and had our seafood dinner here. Ironically, our best meal was actually outside of Malacca hehehe..

A fishing village

Stir fry vegetables

0.5 kg fried prawns with garlic

We had a 1 kg seabass that was done in two ways. I love their fried fish in three flavour sauce (i.e. sweet, sour, and spicy). It was very very nice.

Fried fish in three flavour sauce

Grilled seabass

Total bill was about SGD 30 for 3 adults.


Ola said...

too bad that some of the food did not taste properly! But, at least, it looks good on the photos!:)

Irene said...

Maybe we are not used to the taste. Peranakan style was supposed to be the local specialty food. :)