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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Cremorne Parks and Playgrounds

Today's walking tour is dedicated to parks and playgrounds. We walked towards the north of Cremorne and look what we found along our way.

Cute illustration on the wall of Australia Post Office

This mosaic bench reminds me of Barcelona Parc Guell.
Flowers on the street

Grasmere Children's Park
Our daughter was so excited when she saw so many kids and quickly joined in the fun.

After the kids were all gone, we continued our walk and found another playground at Grasmere Reserve.

Mommy, I love playground!!

From here we walked further and found a picnic ground at Brightmore Reserve. Personally I think this is the best park because it has a dedicated tricycle track! Don't worry, mommy will buy you a bicycle and bring you here again.

Tricycle track at Brightmore Reserve

Opposite the Brightmore Reserve, there is the Primrose Park with the view of Willoughby Bay. 

Picnic with a water view

In just a short walk, we saw four parks that are so close to each other. Wow, Cremorne is really a beautiful place to raise a family. 

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