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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Home sweet home

Living area

Here lives my two little fish and a turtle called Ninja.

Dining area


Walk-in wardrobe

Work and play room

Kitchen area

Shower room


Anonymous said...

V nice interior design & arrangement.

Have a blessed Xmas!

See u @ the Narnia Xmas in FMC tonite:)

Anonymous said...

where is the toilet bowl ?

Anonymous said...

the layout of the house looks like my friend's house in commonwealth.
Do you live in commonwealth behind the school near the mrt ?

Irene said...

We use public toilet :P

Anonymous said...

how much did u spend on the reno?

Irene said...


Anonymous said...

wow, do it for me at $0 leh, i also want that ;)

Irene said...

that's easy, just buy a house that's already renovated. :)

Anonymous said...

hvnt seen u in fmc for long, how's life?