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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 4: Hong Kong - Singapore

It was our last day in Hong Kong. I still had about half a day to shop before going to the airport. Sigh.. this trip was really short.

First, we had our breakfast at Hau Fook Street. We went to Hung Lee this time.

We had soya bean milk, ham chim peng, you tiao and fish porridge. Wonderful!!

After the breakfast I continued to do some shopping at Granville Road. There was this place called Rise Commercial Building that has six floors of small shops selling clothes and accessories. Unfortunately, the shops were mostly closed during daytime. I guess they were only open in the evening. :(

Rise Commercial Building viewed from our hotel room. Building as old as this was a rare sight in Singapore. I should be thankful. :)

Since we were just shopping around Tsim Sha Tsui, we went back to Hau Fook Street for our lunch. This time we had some dim sum.

Caterking Dim Sum
A hearty dim sum lunch to mark the end of our stay in Hong Kong.

Went back to the hotel and took the Airport shuttle bus to Kowloon Station. We checked in our luggage here instead of the airport. I love that they have a city check-in facilities.

Kowloon Station check-in counters, looks like an airport itself!

After leaving our luggage here, we took the Airport Express train to the airport.

Hong Kong Airport is really huge. We even had to take a train to go to the boarding gate.

Mom asked me before we even landed in Singapore, "Where are we going next?" :D

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