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Monday, April 07, 2014

Manly and Sydney Harbour National Park

We rented a car and had our mini road trip to Manly and its surroundings. Besides famous for the beach, Manly is blessed with beautiful coastal areas that has amazing ocean views. The coastal areas around here are protected under the Sydney Harbour National Park. We drove along the coastal lines to North Head and stopped at the lookout points along the way.

Our first road trip. Yay!!

First stop, Grotto Point

Lookout from the Grotto Point

Second stop, Arabanoo Lookout

The view from Arabanoo

After Arabanoo, we grabbed some lunch from Manly town centre. While waiting for our order, I quickly went to the beach and check the surroundings. The beach was very crowded and no shades (we don't suntan) so we continued with the driving.

Manly Beach
Manly Beach

Our next stop was Shelly Beach. Compared to Manly, Shelly is pretty small and much quieter but there is snorkelling here, straight from the beach!! Didn't bring our snorkel equipment but we tested the water, it was icy cold in a hot sunny day. :( Since it's going to be autumn soon, we have to come back quickly if we want to try the snorkelling. 

Shelly Beach is located just opposite the Manly Beach.
Final stop, North Head
The city view from North Head

It is really a lot more convenient to go to these kind of places with a car. Saw some bus stops along the way, but I bet it's only one every hour. :P After our life is settled, we are going to get our own car. Soon, very soon!!

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