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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Autumn in Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains is the one of the popular tourist destinations in New South Wales and it is only about one and a half hour drive from Sydney. After researching it on the net, I just realized that there is more to Blue Mountains than the  famous Three Sisters. Most people will only visit the Echo Point to get a glimpse of the Three Sisters but since I've seen it before, we tried to do something a bit different this time.

Mount Tomah Botanic Garden
We purposely waited until this time of the year to visit the Blue Mountains, just in time for the autumn foliage.

Panoramic view of the Botanical Garden

After the Botanic Garden we travelled south to Blackheath for Govett's Leap Lookout. The lookout provides a spectacular view of Grose Valley.

Grose Valley

From Blackheath, it is only a short drive to Echo Point, the most popular lookout of the Blue Mountains.

The Three Sisters vista from the Echo Point

Mommy, I can't find the Three Sisters. Where is it???

Actually there are many trekking routes around the area that would make this trip more exciting. But since we travelled with a small kid, it was kind of a hassle or even dangerous. Well, next time then!

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