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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sydney Fish Market

If you love seafood especially the raw oysters and sashimi, you should visit the Sydney Fish Market. It is much cheaper to get them here than in the seafood restaurants.

Sydney Fish Market

The Sydney Fish Market looks more like a mall than a market. Instead of many rows of stalls in one big hall, it consists of shops with their own seating area for dining. It is indeed very clean and bright.

The crowd on Saturday morning

A typical shop layout in the fish market

Gigantic octopus

It wasn't that expensive if you count how many slices you could get in one kg.

These were indeed expensive.

The variety of oysters

Cooked food section

After browsing all the shops which is only about ten of them, we decided to try the lobster, scallop and of course sashimi. It was easily to spend hundreds here if we didn't exercise self control.

$25 for two half grilled lobsters, $3.5 for grilled cheese scallop

$21 for 460 grams or about 25 slices of salmon sashimi

The grill lobsters were great but I need more to be satisfied haha...The sashimi was very fresh, we promised ourselves to come back for it next time.

Outdoor seating area

Dining with a view of Anzac Bridge and the fishing boats

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