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Friday, August 15, 2014

Snowy Mountains

It was a great day when we went up to the Snowy Mountains, a perfect blue sky with a temperature of 10 degree Celsius and no winds. Couldn't ask for more...

Thredbo Ski Resort

Thredbo Ski Resort

A very busy ski resort
I was pretty disappointed with Thredbo because the play area for toboggans was tiny and cramped with so many people. Definitely not safe for the small kids to slide on their own as they were easily bumped by the bigger kids and adults.

After staying awhile in Thredbo we drove out and explore the areas nearby. It was pure luck that we found Dead Horse Gap which has much bigger space, almost no other people around and definitely more beautiful.  This was my first time playing toboggan in the wilderness.

Dead Horse Gap

Absolutely beautiful

Making a snowman

A second snowman, Mr. Cool

Great runway for toboggan.

As if it wasn't fun enough, we also met a wombat! Check out this video...

We definitely had so much fun on this snowy trip and the kid was super happy. Till next year...

Lake Jindabyne on our way back home

Lake Jindabyne

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