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Monday, October 03, 2005

Day 22: Amsterdam

Edam village
It had been a long time since I rode a bike and now I got a chance. It was a classic granny bike with no hand brake!! The brake is at the wheel, it can only be activated when we cycle backwards. The Dutch love to ride their bikes everywhere, and a granny bike is very common in Amsterdam. If you ride something fancier, your bike will be the number one target for the thieves. The rule of thumb is to spend more on the lock than on the bike. We had a leisure ride around the village, and along the way we see a dyke and windmills.

Edam village

Riding granny bike

A dyke

A windmill


Anne Frank statue

A canal in city center

Koninklijk Palace

Nationaal monument

Nieuwe Kerk (New church)

De Waag (it was once a city gate, now it's a restaurant)

You should be able to find bikes in most photos above. Yes, the bikes were parked everywhere.

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