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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Day 23: Amsterdam (Netherlands) - Paris (France)

It was time to say goodbye to the rest of people. The Contiki 21-days had been completed and we were leaving Amsterdam for Paris by train. The Thalys was exactly on time, arrived at Amsterdam Centraal Station at 9.10 am and left 5 minutes later. This train was very very fast, I think it should be running about 200 km/h. And it was very comfortable even though I was only sitting in the economy class. It took 4 hours to reach Paris.

Amsterdam Centraal Station

Thalys train

The train stopped at Paris Gare du Nord, and from there we took a metro to our hotel at Montmartre area.

Moulin Rouge during day time

Moulin Rouge at night

Sacre Cour is located at the top of the hill nearby Montmartre area. We walked up 290 steps to reach there. Besides climbing up the steps, there is a funicular that goes straight up to the church.

Sacre Cour


The most expensive restaurant in Paris.

Next to it is Minim's, the cheap version.

Pont Alexander III

It's the most decorated bridge in Paris

Hotel des Invalides

Formerly an accommodation for disabled and wounded soldiers.

Next, we had an evening boat trip along the Seine river that passed the Louvre, D'Orsay museum, Eiffel Tower, and Notre Dame cathedral. It really brought back the memory of our first day here.

Paris version of Statue of Liberty

That was the end of our Europe trip. Even though we had travelled for more than three weeks, it didn't feel enough... :P I felt so sad that we had to go back home and face the reality. It was time to be a slave again to the job...

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