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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day 2: Ho Chi Minh City

Giac Lam Pagoda
The oldest pagoda in Saigon, built in 18th century. Totally overrated, nothing much to see here and it is so far away from the city center.

Binh Tay market
A wholesale market in Cholon (Chinatown area). I love the hats section, they came in so many varieties. Never see so many hats before in my life.

Binh Tay market


I don't know that LV also make helmets. ;)

More LVs in different colours.

Adidas too!!

Snack paradise

We had our lunch at a coffee shop in Chinatown recommended by Lonely Planet. According to the book, every dish here only cost about SGD3-4. The place looked so old with no air-con and it cost us SGD 23. It was a rip-off!!

The weather was so hot and humid, we decided to head back to hotel for shower, had a rest and continued our sightseeing in the evening.

Sightseeing Part II
We walked towards the Reunification Palace and passed by this condo below. It is one of the best I've seen in the city.

Concert Hall opposite the condo

Reunification Palace
The palace is named after the merge of North and South Vietnam.

Notre Dame Cathedral

The side view of the cathedral

The interior

These people were also attending the mass.

Central Post Office
Located next to the Notre Dame Cathedral.

The interior

The People's Committee (Hotel de Ville)

Vietnam was once colonized by French, that's why the buildings here have distinctive style of European architecture.

The shopping malls

Other than the Pagoda, all the landmarks are in the city center and within walking distance from one to another. We had a wonderful time visiting these places.

But afterwards, we had a very long walk to find three restaurants, also recommended by Lonely Planet. One was closed that day, and the other two has been closed down. :( So in the end we took a cab back and had dinner at the ice cream cafe next to our hotel.

This was so yummy, fried rice with crab meat (not crab stick), a big chunk of fried chicken fillet, prawns, omelette and decorated with strawberries. It only cost SGD 4 with free flow of ice tea!! We finished our dinner with gelato. SGD 1.20 for each scoop. How to get it in Singapore??


orange said...

hello, i have read your blog and is facsinated about it.

I have a few questions that requests for your help:

1. how to go to Bin Thay Market by bus?

2. Where have you taken your meals? Please tell me the restautant name and address. All your food photos are so nice and delicious..

3. Which hotel you stay and how much a day?

4. Do you know where 'An Dong market' is? How to go there?

5. How to go to Saigon Square Shopping Centre as well?

Thank you
Thank you

Irene said...

Hi Orange,
1. I took a cab, not sure how to go there by bus. Cab is pretty cheap in HCMC.

2. Pho 2000 is just opposite Ben Thanh market.
The fried rice is from a cafe next to Le Duy hotel.
Com Tam Cali is at one of the street near hotel. I don't know what is the street name.
Augustin is located at 10 D Nguyen Thiep. It is a small street opposite the Sheraton hotel.

3. Le Duy hotel, the rate is USD 60 per day.

4. No, I don't know where it is.

5. I never been to Saigon Square.

Hope it helps.