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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 4: Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) - Singapore

After we had our breakfast, we went to visit the clothing shops nearby. There were so many of them but the better ones were those imported clothes from Korea or European countries and they were quite expensive. The rest were selling fake Guess, Versace, D&G and so on. We saw one t-shirt with LV logo and D&G word together. I should have taken the photo hehehe..

It was too late when I discovered a shop at Zen Plaza selling clothes of local designers. Those were quite nice and unique.

Actually I didn't expect much from HCMC, I watched a travel documentary before I came and it didn't look interesting. But when I arrived here and experienced the food, culture, the architecture and the people, my heart grew fonder. At first we thought HCMC was like Medan (my hometown), but gradually we upgraded it to Jakarta. :) It wasn't like Jakarta yet, but it has the potential to be one.

The traffic here was chaotic, I don't think Singaporean dares to cross the road here. Some won't stop even the traffic light turns red. You just need to have faith to take the first step (like Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) and the motorcyclists will manoeuvre around you and you will get across safely. I also saw the greatest number of motorcyclists here.

Who needs a car?

Motorcyclists rule!

If you think you are an experienced electrician, you could apply a job here.

How come there is a wheel up there?

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