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Monday, March 02, 2009

Day 2: Langkawi

Actually we planned to go for a snorkeling trip but after looking around yesterday, we decided not to. Primarily because we had to wake up very early and also it will take almost one whole day. By the time we come back, I'm sure we would be pretty tired and wouldn't be able to do anything else. So instead of snorkeling, we plan to scoot around the island with our motorbike again. :)

But before that, we had a lovely breakfast overlooking the garden.

Breakfast area

The garden

The breakfast was followed by a walk on the seaside. We strolled towards the rocky beach, found a spot there and watched the days go by.

A tiny crab

Zoom in on the crab.

I chased those tiny crabs on the beach, people from afar would think I was crazy running round and round hehehe...

It was almost noon when we decided to go back to our room, freshen up and prepared for our motorbike trip.

Took this from our balcony

This time we rented the motorbike for 24 hours, so that we could use it again for a couple of hours tomorrow before we depart for airport. Our first destination was Eagle Square at Kuah town. It took us half an hour to reach there from Pantai Tengah.

Eagle Square

The landmark of Langkawi

Langkawi Fair
This mall was quite pathetic, eventhough the guide book said it is the best in town. We only went to the supermarket, bought a couple of things and had lunch in a cafe.

Syook Cafe
There wasn't much choice of food in the mall, so we just randomly picked one. It turned out to be quite nice and pretty cheap. This whole thing cost RM 20.

Fried kwetiau with 2 sticks of chicken satay

Cajun chicken burger

Ice lemon tea in a boot glass

The glass footprint

Next, we went to the area that has a lot of duty free shops. I don't know what's the name of the road, but that road alone has at least ten duty free shops and we spent our whole afternoon here. We bought a whole set of Absolut miniatures and many others, 14 bottles in total. Other than liquors, we also bought some European liquor chocolates, they were pretty cheap too, cost around RM 8-9 for one big bar.

It was raining again when we were about to go back. But this time we were fully prepared, we just bought the ponchos this morning. :)

Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant
Located at Pantai Cenang, this place was a lot nicer than yesterday one and quite popular too. It's our best meal in Langkawi. This meal only cost us RM 55.

Romantic, isn't it?

Steam fish with ginger and onion

Sweet and sour prawn

Mixed vegetables

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