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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Day 3: Langkawi (Malaysia) - Kuala Lumpur - Singapore

After breakfast, we rode our motorbike to Awana Porto Malai hotel. From the outside, it is much nicer than ours, the only problem is it doesn't have a beach of its own.

The boardwalk

Took this from Awana boardwalk, it is a resort in the jungle.

Boat for hire

Awana from afar

Pantai Cenang
Many hotels, shops, restaurants could be found along the beach. It is the most famous beach in Langkawi, but I don't understand what make it so famous. The view here isn't prettier and the sand isn't soft at all. We still prefer our Pantai Tengah.

Pantai Cenang

Building a pyramid, they even brought their own spade!

After lunch, we returned to hotel to check out. Still had a few hours left before going to airport, so we decided to go for a swim. Could you believe it was our first time to try the swimming pool? The swimming pool is very big and not crowded at all. They also have a pool bar, I was thinking of ordering something from there but everything was so expensive. So I sat there for a while just to experience it hahaha...

Pool bar

The best thing about this hotel is the external shower room, so eventhough we had checked out from the room, we could still shower after our swim. The shower room was equipped with fresh towels, soap, shampoo and hair dryer. Nice touch!

Our flight to KL was delayed for half an hour, so it left us with 45 minutes to check-in for another flight. By the time we reached LCCT departure hall, our check-in counter number was not even in the display board anymore. I quickly asked around to find which one it supposed to be. Luckily the counter girl was still there and I quickly told her we didn't need to check-in our luggage and just need the boarding pass. It gave me such a fright, it would be very very troublesome if we didn't catch our original flight.


Allison said...

Brilliant insight in to the island, thanks for theinfo - especially on taxis being expensive.

HasanAziz said...

Great Overview, Nice Reviews and pictures. Thanks Alot. Im going Langkawi for my honeymoon trip and enjoyed reading your experience.