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Friday, May 07, 2010

Day 2: Bali (Tour around Hyatt Nusa Dua)

This was our laziest holiday ever. The plan was just to relax, relax and relax. :) We woke up pretty late, almost time for lunch and went out to explore our surroundings before going for lunch.

Had a quick breakfast at the balcony.

Our balcony is overlooking the lotus pond.

After breakfast, we went down to explore the resort.

A Balinese Villa

Nampu, a very expensive Japanese restaurant.

Ocean view rooms

It's a short walk to the beach.

Fish in the pond.

Hyatt has its own private beach... very nice.

A clear blue sky

Lagoon Pool

Water slides

Toddler pool

A covered Balinese pool, great if you want to avoid the sun. :)

Hotel lobby

Great place to hang out, err... probably late in the evening.

The lobby is overlooking the ocean too.

Bali Collection
Yeah, we were back again. The restaurants in Hyatt are too expensive, the price is double or triple than what we paid for our dinner yesterday.

Shops in Bali Collection

Many restaurants have menu in Russian.

One thing about all the restaurants here, they are all alfresco style (which means no aircon!!).

Had our lunch here.

You will appreciate a cool welcome drink and wet towel in this kind of weather.

My watermelon juice

After yesterday bad experience, we decided to order nasi goreng (fried rice). This won't go wrong heheh...

Back to hotel after lunch, the best place to be was actually inside the room with full aircon. Ah...
Few hours later, we had a bottle of wine and chocolate fondue delivered to our room, complimentary for Platinum members.

A bottle of wine and strawberries with whipped cream and melted chocolate.

It's a Bali wine! How could one grow grapes in a tropical country?

How I lovvveeeeeeeeeeee the daybed :)

Went for a swim in the late afternoon. The water slide was pretty fun, we tried it a few times. :)

Fun with water slide

The pools are interconnected, so from the water slide pool we started swimming to the lagoon pool. We encountered some big rocks, swam under the bridges, and then took a short slide down to the lagoon pool. It was fun.

The rocks made me feel like swimming in the sea but without the currents hehe..

Swam under the bridge.

Finally, the lagoon pool.

For dinner, we took a cab out of Nusa Dua to a restaurant that was pretty popular on the internet.

Waroeng Kampoeng
Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai No. 123

The kampung interior

Saw many locals here and some tourists that came with their guide. It's a good sign.

We had a wonderful meal in Bali for the first time hehe...

Coconut juice

Es teler (mixed ice with avocado, jackfruit and lots of condensed milk)

Mixed vegetables

The prawns (more like shrimps) was pathetic.

A huge fried gurame fish in sweet and sour sauce.

Halfway through our meal, hubby suddenly realized he dropped his blackberry on the cab. Oh no.. we quickly made a call to the hotel because they called the cab for us. After recovered from the shock and thinking straight, we thought of trying to call to his handphone directly. And thank God, the driver picked up our call and told us that he would bring it back to the restaurant. Not long after, he came and we thanked him for his kindness and gave him some tips. What a kind Balinese soul! I thought it's gone liao...

And guess what, the total bill for our dinner was just Rp. 65,000 (SGD 10)! The cab fare from Hyatt was Rp. 32,000 (SGD 5) each way. So it is more or less the same as what we paid in Bali Collection but with much better food.

Salsa Bar
This must be my most favourite place in the resort. Perched on the roof top, with a night full of stars and my favourite latin jazz playing on the background, we lied on the sun deck and enjoyed our supposedly welcome drink. 100% romantic!

Salsa Bar

The bar

We stayed here for a few hours enjoying the cool ocean breeze while looking at the stars... I never see so much stars in my whole life. :P

My fruit punch (mixed of watermelon, pineapple, and orange juice)

Hubby was enjoying himself.

It was a great day indeed, we had a great fun at the resort! Tomorrow onwards we were going to explore the real Bali.

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