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Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 5: Bali (Indonesia) - Singapore

Our flight was late at night, so we still had plenty of time to relax. Woke up pretty late, we had our breakfast then swam at the swimming pool. In the afternoon my nephew brought us two packets of Balinese nasi campur. This was from the famous Warung Wardani in Denpasar.

The nasi campur was really delicious...especially after a swim.

From left to right: beef satay, fish satay, beef jerky, prawn crackers (rempeyek udang), spicy chicken, long beans and half boiled egg.

After that we took a nap and only went to the Seminyak beach around 4pm. He wanted to play body surf so we hired one board for him and a beach lounge chair for me.

He had so much fun playing with the waves, the last time he played body surf was 10 years ago when we were in Gold Coast, Australia. I was pretty contented too just sitting there and enjoying my surroundings, brought a lot of snacks to keep me entertained. ;)

At dusk

We had our dinner at Goodys in front of the beach. The pizza here was just average compared to the one we had at Zanzibar few days ago.

Seafood pizza

BBQ Chicken pizza

By the way, we met Irene Ang (Mrs. Phua Chu Kang) at the airport. She was queuing in front of us at the check-in counter with a group of friends. I didn't really notice her at first, because she was pretty slim. :P After heard her talking with her friends for quite sometime, I realized it was her!

Bye bye Bali!! Thanks for the wonderful holiday baby...

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