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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 1: Singapore - Penang (Malaysia)

Got us a pretty good deal from Jetstar, we flew to Penang instead of driving all the way from Singapore. Upon arrival at the airport, our car had already waited for us. We rented a Proton Waja from Kereta Sewa Penang. See how shiny the car is, it had just been washed before delivered to us.

That was our car for four days

First stop was to our hotel in Georgetown. It was a pretty smooth ride from the airport to the hotel without any traffic jam. 

Bayview Georgetown Hotel

I booked a family room which was like two rooms combined into one. The difference was the second room only had a toilet and wash basin but no shower area. To my pleasant surprise, our room looks better than the pictures from the hotel's website.

Master room

Second bedroom
View of a park from our bedroom
Since it was already pretty late when we arrived, we only went out for dinner at the nearby food court.

Red Garden Cafe


The food here was so so only. We ordered a few che char dishes plus chendol. From all the dishes here, only chendol was good.

Fried oyster egg, pomfret with sweet and sour sauce, bbq stingray and chendol. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Irene!Thank God you have posted a new one. I got worried that you have stopped travelling. I am a travel enthusiast too,but I haven't really traveled for real though but just by viewing all your blogs I felt like I have been to all the places you have been too. I'm really great-full that I found your blog. And like you I also love FOOOOOODDD! chuckles...You inspire me to work hard so I could see the places you've seen and get to taste all the great food you have tasted.. I planned to travel these year but sad to say I have to be practical, I can't afford it. So I hope next year I'd be able to travel to one of the places you've been to and I hope to ask you some questions before I plan my travel. I'm always looking forward to your next post. Thank you very much for this great travel blog. God bless you and your family.