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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 2: Penang (Georgetown)

We started our day with breakfast at a small alley near Campbell street. Mom almost fainted when she saw the place. Hubby was worried about getting diarrhea hehehe.. 

Toh Soon Cafe 

The kaya butter toast was good, it wasn't as crispy as what we have in Singapore but I love it. Nasi lemak was good too, but I wish they could put more ikan bilis and not just loads of chili. Milk tea was also different but pretty good. It was very cheap, breakfast for 4 adults and 1 kid only cost about RM10.
After the breakfast, we drove around Georgetown for sightseeing. Not much interesting buildings to see in old Georgetown, our sightseeing was completed in half an hour.

City Hall

Town Hall

Saint George church

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion (The Blue Mansion)
A finely restored peranakan mansion which is now a hotel.


Eastern & Oriental Hotel 
E&O hotel is a luxury hotel with a long list of country leaders, politicians and celebrities as guests. They had some photos of their famous guests which include Charlie Chaplin and Sun Yat Sen (I only remembered these two).




Even the toilet looks classy.

Swimming pool

Ah Leng Char Kway Teow
We had our lunch at Ah Leng, the number one char kway teow in Penang. I really love char kway teow, so it is a must try for me.

Char kway teow with chili for all the adults

The one without chili for the kid

The char kway teow was average, not as fantastic as I thought it would be. In the end all of us prefer the one without chili as the chili ruined the dish with its sour taste. I was pretty disappointed as I had high hopes for it. I went to Penang because of the char kway teow, really!! The char kway teow in my hometown Medan was far better than this. Even hubby who generally doesn't like char kway teow said the Medan char kway teow is a must try. All the char kway teow lovers out there should visit my hometown and give it a try. :D

Chendol at Jalan Penang (besides Joo Hooi Cafe)
This was another disappointment. Don't bother to try. The chendol tasted like those you buy from supermarket. Malacca had a better chendol, but Medan one is still the best. Same story, hubby doesn't like chendol but Medan one is the exception. LOL


Kek Lok Si Temple
I wasn't planning to go to Kek Lok Si, but since the assam laksa stall near the temple was closed, I thought I might take a quick look before leaving for our next itinerary.



Mountain view from the temple

View of Penang city

Balik Pulau
We went to Balik Pulau because of the poster at the roadside about the Durian Festival. Who could resist some durian? :)

Pesta Durian in Malay means Durian Party

Bright yellow flesh durian, if I'm not wrong this one is called Xiao Hong.

Gurney Drive
We had our dinner at Gurney Drive open air hawker center. It was very crowded even during weekdays, I think most of them were tourists like us.


Char kway teow again, it was average.

Assam Laksa

The food was average, hubby told me no more char kway teow for him hahaha... I agreed wholeheartedly. :)

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