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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 3: Koh Samui massage and sightseeings

There were tons of massage parlours in Koh Samui. Every time I saw one, I was tempted to go in and check it out hehehe...There were so many that I could easily spot ten establishments within 1 km. They all came in different sizes. There were small ones operated by the local, the big no frill ones operated by companies,  and lastly the luxury ones operated by hotels.

So after my hubby agreed to babysit the kid for a while, I went to get my massage in this place called My Friend Holiday Traditional Thai Massage. This is a no frill massage center, something like the Health Land Spa in Bangkok. They have a few branches in Koh Samui, one of them is about 400 m from our hotel.

Kid was having a good time in the pool...
While I also had a good time here :)
They also provide foot massage service.

The massage was lovely. Oh... how I love Thai massage especially the cracking. Initially I told my masseuse that I only wanted an hour, but after I was sure that she's quite skillful, I extended for another hour. This hesitation was because I did one before in Krabi and it sucks big time. It was like how my daughter did for me, just anyhow press hehehe....

Total damage for a 2-hour massage was a mere 400 THB (SGD 15). If I have all the time myself, I would just go everyday. :P

After I came back for massage, we went for sightseeings to a Buddhist Pagoda up the hill. From here we could see the city, the airport runway, the nearby islands, and the Chaweng Lake.

Kao Hoa Jook Pagoda 

The Buddhist Pagoda

"Hear no evil, talk no evil, see no evil".

The airport runway

The nearby islands

Chaweng Lake

On our way home, we dropped by a local market and bought some mangoes. The seller actually had sticky rice to go with the mangoes but I dare not try. Saw too many flies around in the market, didn't want to take any risk hehehe...

Local market

Many kinds of fruit

Agreed, very sweet.

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