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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 4: Koh Samui snorkeling

The tour van picked up us at 8am from the hotel and heading to the southern of Koh Samui. Along the way, we picked up more people and finally we reached the pier at around 9. When we arrived, the tour boss told us that the rest of the group would go for a fishing trip.  That meant we were the only one going for snorkeling and so it was going to be a private tour. Yay!!

We took a motorised long tail boat out to the sea. The sea was calm, the sky were blue, and there was hardly any waves at all. It was a perfect day to have a snorkeling trip. Halfway to the island, the boatman stopped the boat and told us to jump down from here. Daughter was so excited to know that she was going to swim and couldn't wait to go down. In my mind I was thinking that she must have thought this was just a very big swimming pool hehehe... But first, I asked hubby to go down and checked the situation. After he signaled that it was ok, all of us went down and swim for a while. She was so happy and excited, no fear at all. I don't think I have this kind of courage when I was young. :P The Koh Samui trip was really an adventure for her. First it was the trekking and now this. Next time she could tell her friends that she has swum in an open sea at the age of two. :P

Long tail boat
Her first trip to the sea

The nearby islands

The boatman threw some bread to entice the fish

After letting her swim for a while, we took turn to snorkel. The variety of fishes was pretty good, hubby even spotted a stingray but I didn't see any. :(( We snorkeled for about 20 minutes here and then continued our journey to the island.

Coral Island
It was a different story here, at first look there wasn't any fish at all. After painstakingly looking around, we spotted only one kind of fish. It was a long silver fish, no wonder we couldn't see any. When we stood still, they would come and swim around us. But anyway, it was still a disappointment.

Hardly any fish but the water was crystal clear.

There were many other boats came and go while we we were there.

In the afternoon, the boatman prepared the lunch for us. It was just too much for the three of us.

A simple lunch: rice, stir fried vegetables, curry chicken, fried chicken and assorted fruits.

Playing swings

After lunch and relaxing for a while, we asked him to go back to the first snorkeling site and we snorkeled one more time before heading back to the main island. This was the good thing of going on private tour, we could go whenever we like. :D

Overall this snorkeling trip wasn't good at all. Actually there is another more famous snorkeling site, but it requires 1.5 hour boat ride. With a kid in tow, it isn't an option for us. But anyway, so far the best snorkeling site for us was at Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park near Kota Kinabalu.

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