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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Day 4: Aswan

Half of the group took the Abu Simbel optional tour by bus, and they had left since 3.30 am. For the rest of us, we took the chance to explore the bazaar nearby. It proved to be a wiser choice as some said it was not that spectacular and didn't really worth USD 100. And the total of six hours journey on the road was too long.

The cruises were docked side by side because there were not enough space for all to dock it next to the pier. So if your cruise is the furthest from the pier, you need to go into other cruises to reach yours.


Selling spices



Perfume bottles (in the display)

Table cloths

Fresh vegetables

Took a break and ordered some teas

Pita bread fresh from the stove.

Ready to go.. hmm they were just laid on the floor :|

Up to the carriage, but yucks the donkey pooped... I wonder where the pita bread in our every meal comes from :(

Trying a scarf, obviously this style didn't suit me :P

"Is this tshirt nice? Want to buy?"

Posed with a donkey

With the Egyptian women, they are pretty!!

Temple of Isis at Philae

Took a motorboat.

The temple was later used by Christians. Cross symbols can be found at some of the walls.

Altar with cross symbol.

Felucca ride

It is the most scenic part of the Nile.

With the boatman, he was dressed in Nubian style.

Old Cataract Hotel, this was where Agatha Christie wrote her book Death on the Nile.

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